Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fun Day!

We had a fun and busy day today. After church we met up with The Hesketts and their family and went to Incredible Pizza. What an adventure! Jackson had a ball riding the rides, playing the games (daddy had a lot of fun playing the games too), and especially bowling. He knew exactly what to do and it was hilarious watching him bowl...he would throw his ball and then throw his hands behind him and watch the ball go down and see if any pins fell down. If they did, he threw his hand up and yelled YEAH! 

After Incredible Pizza we headed to Moore to Bella Macey's 2nd Birthday party at Nothing But Fun Kidz. Jackson must have worked up an appetite because he ate an entire piece of cake and gulped down his capri sun in about 2 minutes flat. 

Fun day, but I am not sure who is more exhausted or Jackson!

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